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Shehady Basketball & AK Valley SportsCenter Present Battle In The Valley 3x3 Extravaganza! This summer, AK Valley SportsCenter & Shehady Basketball are bringing the premier 3x3 basketball tournament to the state of Pennsylvania!! We intend on building a pathway to the most elite & COMPETITIVE level of 3x3 basketball on the east coast! AK Valley/Shehady Basketball 3 on 3 Basketball Tournaments are designed so that anyone can play: male or female, young and old, short and tall, the most experienced or no experience at all. This will be an extremely FUN event & games are going to be highly competitive & intense. 


Where: AK Valley SportsCenter (922 Freeport Rd, Freeport PA 16229)

When: March 4-6th 2022 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) Note: Game times will vary dependent on division. A schedule will be released a week prior to event when registration closes.

Cost: $160 per team. Registrants can determine how to split up the cost amongst 4 players on their team but registration cost is per TEAM, not INDIVIDUAL!

Registration Requirements!

1. Have one representative from your team register online with their contact information & Team Name.

2. Once registered, everyone will receive a confirmation email along with roster form and additional release they must fill out. Please include the name of all 4 participants on your team and email this form back to site director Bobby Woods @

3. Once you do this, your team is has completed all the necessary steps & is registered for the 3x3 Extravaganza!!




*4 Game Guarantee (Maximum amount of games is 6 if you make championship)


*There will he 7 total divisions co-Ed listed below for both boys/girls & men/women.


*All teams should have a total of 4 players (3 + 1 substitute) 3x3 is a very high intensity game and we highly suggest teams bring a sub to compete. 


*Each player will receive a reversible Shehady Basketball jersey to compete in. We will let you know whether to go black or white prior to the game.


*Live music playing during games to create a LIVE atmosphere to create the ultimate competitive environment.


*Games are 10 minute running clock or first team to score 21 points. Once a game is over, teams will have 2 minutes to warm-up. Our agility area will be available for stretching and pre-game routines.


*1st place and the winner of each division will receive the ultimate Shehady Basketball merch package, 2 t-shirts, a pair of shorts, & limited edition Shehady Baskektball sneakers in their size along with a championship trophy!




DIVISIONS: (Note, boys and girls are welcome to play up in their division if they have teammates that are of older age. However players are not allowed to play down an age group)






BOYS JUNIOR HIGH (7/8th Grade)




BOYS HIGH SCHOOL (9-12th grade)


GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL (9-12th grade)




We love 3x3 basketball because players that may not always get to show their skill set, now have the opportunity to make plays due to a much faster paced game and unlimited spacing! We want to see which players are going to get after it and WORK! Who are the gritty ballers on the east coast that are going to make winning plays and do whatever it takes to win at all costs! 





This event is ran by former Team USA U23 Point Guard & current FIBA 3x3 Pro Basketball player Mark Shehady! Mark represented our country and had the opportunity to compete in the 2019 FIBA WORLD CUP in Lanzhou, China after being carefully selected. Here Mark led Team USA in scoring and assists against top pro basketball players from all over the globe, including top performances vs. New Zealand, China, Latvia national teams. Mark has been featured on Ballislife, SLAM, FIBA, & Bleacher Report for his play in 3x3 Basketball and still currently plays in top pro events nationwide when he’s not running camps! With Mark’s experience and connections in the 3x3 basketball world, Mark will be able to clearly cover all rules to players & ensure any questions are answered in regards to the style of play! 



Please view & fill out our liability waiver or email to prior to camp start day. We will have extra copies available upon registration at camp site. This will be emailed to all participants a week prior to camp as well.




Court Dimensions: Games will be played within half court spacing. Half court, sideline, & baseline are out of bounds and will result in a check ball situation. The check up logo is approximately 5 feet behind the 3 point line and is where the ball should be checked every time.



All teams should have a total of 4 players (3 + 1 substitute) 3x3 is a very high intensity game and we highly suggest teams bring a sub to compete. 

Note: game must start with minimum of 3 (three) players!


Game Duration/How to win: Each game will be 10 minutes in duration, regular playing time. All games are played to 21 points. If a team does not get to 21 points, then the winner is determined by who has the higher score at end of duration (like normal basketball game) Ex. Team A is up 16-13 against Team B once the horn sounds & 10 minutes is up, Team A is the winner of the game.


Scoring: All two point baskets are worth one point and all baskets behind the arc will result in 2 points. All games will be up to 21 points or whatever the highest score is after a 10 minute duration. 


Tie Game/Overtime: If the game is tied at the end of 10 minutes, both teams will stop possession and flip a coin to determine new possession. Once a possession is determined and overtime starts, it will be the first team that scores to determine a winner!


Shot Clock: There will be a shot clock of 16 seconds every possession. This creates a very high pace, up tempo basketball game where teams will need constant movement & need to be aggressive to make a play quick. If the shot clock runs out it will resolved in the defensive teams possession and a check ball at the top of the key.


Possession Following A Basket: Once a basket is made it’s always defensive possession as the defense should be ready to immediately collect the basketball underneath the hoop. Once the ball is collected, players must clear the ball behind the arc by either dribbling it or throwing an outlet pass to a player behind the arc. The defensive team is not allowed to play for the ball inside the "no-charge semi-circle" area underneath the basket. Once the ball leaves that area, they can hound the ball handler and give them full pressure to prevent the clear. 


Clearing the ball: Clearing the basketball is considered to be taking the basketball back with BOTH FEET behind the line. If one foot is on the line when you clear the basketball, it’ll result in a violation.


Possession following a defensive rebound or steal: Ball MUST be taken back and dribbled/passed to behind the arc every time following a steal, block, or shot attempt that doesn’t clear the rim.


Possession Following Jump Ball: For a jump ball situation, Defensive possession will take place right underneath the hoop. 

Ball will need to be dribbled or passed to a player behind the arc as always. 


Free Throws/Fouls: Every time someone is fouled in the act of shooting, players will receive one foul shot and depending on whether they shoot a 1 or 2 pointer, the free throw will be worth that amount of points. Ex. Someone fouled behind the arc in the act of shooting will receive 1 foul shot worth 2 points. Someone fouled in the act of shooting inside the arc will  relieve 1 foul shot worth 1 point.


Substitutions: In dead ball situations, prior to the check ball, The substitute can enter the game after his teammate steps off the court behind the end line opposite the basket. Substitutions require no action from the referees or table officials. You may substitute in time frames of your choice and there is no playing time requirements.


Foul Limit: Each team is allowed up to 7 fouls before there will be a 1 shot bonus. This is a very physical style of play but the game will still be called the right way! 


Personal Foul Limit: Players can not foul out and there will be no personal fouls.


Officials: Each court is presented one official with experience that is familiar with 3x3 rules.


Table Officials: Up to 3 (scorer, scoreboard operator, shot-clock operator)


Timeouts: Each team will receive 1 timeout per team


*We prefer all payment is done online to keep things simple, however, we do accept alternative forms of payment such as cash app, venmo, paypal, etc. Please call 412-979-9101 to register through an alternative option.