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Shehady Basketball is NOW VIRTUAL!


It's finally here folks! After a very successful camp season in over 21 different states, 30 cities and multiple countries, We’ve had players nationwide asking to get in the gym with us . Due to players living thousands of miles from our headquarters and our extremely busy clinic/camp schedule and us literally traveling EVERYWHERE, this can be difficult. Now we have come up with the perfect solution for that! Virtual workouts LIVE 1 on 1 with Coach Mark Shehady! Mark will now be able to fine tune footwork, check the minute details & checkpoints live as if he were in person and take players through a personalized workout specific to their game!


Benefits to virtual workouts:


*If you're unable to travel to one of Marks camps or travel to Western Pennsylvania during the fall, winter, this is the next best alternative to getting introduced to the Shehady Basketball system & working hands on with Coach Mark.


*Workouts are high level attention to detail & will cover every aspect of the game to make players as well rounded & efficient as possible!


*Workouts will be PLAYER SPECIFIC & will hone in on a players weaknesses & capitalizing on a players strengths. Players will receive a personal evaluation & weekly homework to do on their own in between sessions.


*Mark will make workouts custom to the player, implement skill work that is game specific to their coaches system & will have intentions of helping players thrive to the best of their abilities and maximizing their production within their system. Ex. If a player runs a continuity of ball screen offense, Mark will emphasize ball screen work!


What does Shehady Basketball cover within its workouts?


Nothing replaces getting to our camps & the hands on experience at our camps/clinics/workouts is surreal but the next best thing if you can’t travel to us is these virtual workouts. Here’s our options below:


Private Workouts


Price: $65/hour


Bronze Bundle Package (4 hours) $200! (Save 25%!)


Silver Bundle Package (8 hours) $400! (Save 25%)


Gold Bundle Package (12 hours) $585! (Save 25%!!) 



To discuss alternative registration options or with any further questions, call Mark at 412-979-9101!