About Mark Shehady

About Mark Shehady (Founder Shehady Basketball Training):

Mark has spent the last three years teaching the game, helping run basketball camps, clinics, & working with a variety of different high school teams & AAU programs all over the country. In the past year alone, Mark has run camps in over 22 different states, 40 different cities, & multiple countries & is highly regarded by many top basketball coaches at ALL LEVELS, as the best skill development trainer & Shehady Basketball as most detailed skill development program nationwide. 

"Shehady Basketball is by far the most detailed high level basketball instruction I've ever seen! Mark's ability to breakdown the skill work and demonstrate how it applies to game is outstanding. From footwork breakown to finishing techniques to reading ball screens, he covers it all & in my 46 years of coaching, he's the best I've ever seen at growing the game. On a scale of 1-10, I give this training a 10/12!"

- Coach Larry Tidwell (Former Big 12 Coach at Kansas, Kansas State, Texas, Baylor, & More D1 programs, Texas Coaches Basketball Hall Of Fame Inductee, Current Coach At Dallas Christian College)

PLAYING EXPERIENCE: Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Mark attended Hampton High School & helped lead his team to the WPIAL (regional) Finals during his senior season, as well as, led his team to the state playoffs, back to back years (2016/2017). Mark led the entire region (WPIAL) in assists and became the leader in assists and a top scorer (15 ppg), for his team. From a young age, Mark was told that he wasn't big enough, strong enough, or athletic enough to play at the next level. As a 4'11' freshman, prior to his transfer to Hampton High School, he was told by his Varsity coach, that he would never play at next level, because he was TOO small. Mark knew this was his passion and he wanted to play at the next level, so Mark changed his approach to the way he worked on his game by performing the details, which other kids simply are not willing to do.

After spending 4-5 hours a day of physically and mentally taxing work, Mark started to see his work pay off. Mark worked on drills/concepts that transfer to game success against elite level athletes and was able to play above his athletic set. Following his senior season, Mark received multiple scholarship offers before committing to Point Park University, on an athletic scholarship. Over the last 3 years, Mark led Point Park in assists (3.5 apg), as well as, being one of the assists leaders in the River States Conference. Mark has had multiple double figure games in his collegiate career with a career high of 23 pts. and has been cited by his coach as an "extension of the coach on the floor."  In the fall of 2019, Mark was selected to represent his country playing for Team USA's U23 3x3 National Team in the FIBA WORLD CUP in Lanzhou China! Mark performed exceptionally well against some of the worlds top 3x3 players and went on to lead Team USA in assists and second in scoring while putting on a show for the fans https://twitter.com/FIBA3x3/status/1179717311126589440?s=20 https://twitter.com/SLAMonline/status/1179848774081888257?s=20 https://twitter.com/FIBA3x3/status/1180472139020849153?s=20

 Mark is currently a 3x3 pro that plays in events nationwide (when he's not running camps) against former D1 standouts & current overseas professionals. Still being very undersized at this level, Mark still uses many of the concepts we preach at Shehady Basketball like efficiency/fluidity of movement, change of pace, putting ourselves in a position to read the defense, create angles off the dribble, etc. to give him the edge against much longer, taller, more athletic opponents.

START OF SHEHADY BASKETBALL: In the spring of 2020, Mark decided to create Shehady Basketball Training to share his knowledge & passion for the game by teaching players the necessary concepts and the right mentality/work approach, to achieve their goals and play at the next level! Please check the video above to view some of Mark's highlights!