Topics Covered

What We Specialize In: At Shehady Basketball, we cover just about every aspect of the game. We put a heavy importance of only working on skills/concepts that are applicable in a game. Through extensive detail & breakdown, we have helped many undersized guards perform at a high level! We are not geared strictly towards point guards however! Our extensive detail is centered around not only developing highly skilled basketball players but HIGHLY EFFICIENT!

Players will learn footwork that allows them to beat more athletic players off the bounce & will learn how to create space, create angles attacking longer players downhill:

Players will learn how to break down their movement taking out all excess motion to make them as explosive as possible &  players will learn how to play bigger than their size by creating angles with their handle & their foot work. We will teach players a variety of set-up that allow them to add a variety of moves and reads. Once players learn these set-ups, they will learn intricate details that allow them to increase their ball control & increase their read time. We have found this effective in allowing our players to slow the game down and put themselves in a position to take what the defense is giving them & read defensive coverage. Ball Manipulation techniques are another vital component to our system as we will teach players different pocket placements that allow them We teach a variety of different footwork techniques off the bounce, on finishes, and to create space/angles in the paint. Once players develop a strong foundation, We will teach guards how to manipulate the defense by intentionally shifting their body weight to sell a direction. This is after they learn how to position their bodies with proper positioning that will help them be more explosive & efficient with the dribble, shot, pass, and lateral movement.

Players will learn advanced finishing techniques of the Pros!

While finishing, we will show players how to create as much length as possible so they can finish against longer, taller, players. Players will learn how to use their body by being more crafty & having poise in the paint to create passing windows and finishing opportunities. 

We teach you how to make other people around you better! At Shehady Basketball, we will develop you into an elite level passer that can create scoring opportunities out of any situation:

At Shehady Basketball, we ensure our players understand how to put their teammates in positions for success, we will go over understanding how to create passing angles vs. length, how to feed the post, how to lead players in transition, wing entry, how to create passing windows off drive/kick etc.Passing is one of the most neglected areas we see in players workouts and this is often why we see players struggle to pass against superior size & length! If you're a guard looking to handle elite level pressure, get their teammates in their spots, throw dimes coming off ball screens, & just run the show in general, we are the place for you!

Shehady Basketball defensive concepts will allow undersized guards to guard players must faster, quicker, longer, stronger, & more athletic than them!

We feel players often neglect defense in their workouts and their footwork is often atrocious when it comes game time, even when players have decent footwork, they can not guard players faster than them. We go through a variety of different defensive drills that'll ensure proper footwork & help players play big & stay in front of quicker guards.

Game Simulation & specifically understanding how to read screens is a crucial area we will stress at all of our events!

Guards will learn how to set their defender up for the ball screen, how to crawl off screens & take what the defense is giving them by slowing down & making reads. Players will learn how to score as well as pass out of just about every ball screen imaginable (horn, flat, drag, etc.) We are about as well rounded as it gets & through teaching players to not only work harder but smarter, our guards are able to play at the next level!

More Topics Covered

*Different pocket placements that allow us to play within our space, create angles, & create passing windows

*Reading defensive players off our motion steps

*Handling high level pressure

*Handling Traps

*Utilizing 2nd Pivot in Paint

*Dribble set-ups that give us a variety of moves and reads

*Footwork techniques to create angles

*Reading Dribble Hands Offs

*Maintaining Dribble in Paint

*Maintaining read position

*Maintaining a universal stance

*Handling the basketball from multiple hip positions to engage athletes

& beat them off the bounce

*Creating separation for shot

*Shooting consistently

*How to thread tight gaps & create passing windows

*Off Ball Defensive Rotations

*Game Simulation through situations (hand offs, pin downs, ball screens)

*How to play strong against contact

*How to create scoring opportunities for teammates

*Movement w/ Basketball

*Hip Mobility, Ankle Mobility/Foot Mobility,

Finger Dexterity/Flexibility W/ Basketball

*Body Positioning

*Strength Training

*Ways to increase read time

*Extended Finishes Vs. Length

*Importance of discipline/Mental Work

*Triple Threat Positioning

*Attacking players downhill/transition

*Understanding when to push tempo

*Importance of having dribble pace

*How to intentionally shift body weight to sell angles and be more explosive

*Finishing Techniques vs. length

*How to slow the game down & make reads

*How to guard players more athletic/bigger than you

*Lateral movement

*Footwork for guarding the ball screen

*Creating Better Passing Angles

*Reading Ball Screens

*Shooting consistency

*Footwork W/ Basketball

*Rhythm W/ Basketball

*Movement Without Basketball

*Game Shooting

*Developing a culture among your teammates

*Leadership qualities

*Being more vocal

*How to take contact vs. longer taller athletes

*Workout Planning

*Time Management

*Motivation Methods/Self Confidence Techniques

& Much More!!!