Elite Grind Sessions  (7th Grade-College Level)

Elite Grind Sessions (7th Grade-College Level)

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This workout session is designed for the SERIOUS PLAYER! Players will complete 2 hours of both physically and mentally taxing work & will learn how to maximize their time in the gym & work on drills/concepts that are game applicable & transfer directly to game success. Players will be introduced to foundational concepts that allow them to move explosively & efficiently while learning the importance of footwork & how it allows us to create angles & scoring opportunities. A variety of different ball manipulation techniques will be taught that allow players to create angles/length vs. next level athletes. Other topics include: how to utilize a 2nd pivot in the paint to create better shot opportunities & passing angles, players will learn to change dribble pace with the basketball, how to manipulate the defense with their body as well as a variety of footwork patterns. Players will learn how to create passing angles, how to finish vs. length in the paint, how to guard faster/quicker/more athletic players, how to shift body weight to sell angles, how to increase ball control & read time to create angles & put them in positions for success vs. athletes, how to create space for their shot, reading ball screens, shooting off pin downs, moving w/o the basketball, shot development while working at home, different leadership qualities that ensure they OWN THE GYM & most importantly how to work harder & smarter! All drills have a game application piece & Mark will explain how it transfer to game success. 
Cost: $50 (Sign up for 3 or more for price to drop to $35/session)


Place: AK Valley Gym (922 Freeport Rd, Freeport PA 16229) 
Grind Sessions:
10/9: 11-1 PM
10/10: 6:30-8 PM
10/16: 11-1 PM
10/17: 6:30-8 PM
10/23: 11-1 PM
10/24: 6:30-8 PM
10/30: 11-1 PM