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Come Train W/ The Best!! World renowned basketball skills trainer & former Team USA U23 Point Guard Mark Shehady is coming to Dallas, Texas for a 2 day camp/coaches clinic! September 4-5!


You're not going to want to miss this one! The nations most detailed basketball instruction Shehady Basketball is coming to Dallas, Texas for our 2 day skills camp open to both players & coaches! This event will be GIRLS ONLY & BOTH Coaches & PLAYERS are welcome to learn from one of the most detailed basketball training curriculum's in the country!


Coaches, See how Shehady Basketball implements skill development and efficiency/fluidity of movement principals into an ELITE practice plan!Learn how to break down skills concepts to where it’s easy for players to visualize & implement faster in a game! Create a positive work atmosphere and CULTURE that’ll lead to a successful program!


Players come work hands on w/ Mark & learn necessary details that’ll ensure you’re the most skilled & efficient player in your program! Extreme Passion, Energy, Intensity, & attention to detail are what you can expect from our events!


Camp Eligibility:

Incoming 6th-12th grade GIRLS

Coaches of ALL LEVELS ARE WELCOME! (Middle School, High School, College, Pro)

What to expect as a camper?

This camp is designed for the SERIOUS hooper that wants to take their game to the next level! Players will complete 8 hours (4 hours Day 1/4 hours Day 2) of both physically and mentally taxing work & will learn how to maximize their time in the gym, working on drills/concepts that are game applicable & transfer directly to game success. Expect a ton of ENERGY & an extremely positive work environment throughout the camp! Players that have gone through Shehady Basketball camps have described it as "game changing & life changing" in both their development as players & their approach to work! We have developed thousands of high level players & Mark is ready to help you take your game to the next level!


Players will be introduced to foundational concepts & footwork techniques that allow them to move more explosively & efficiently while learning the importance of footwork & how it allows us to create angles & scoring opportunities. A variety of different ball manipulation techniques will be taught that allow players to create angles/length vs. next level athletes. This will tie into game related concepts with things like creating space, having pace & putting us in a position to make reads, reading & reacting different offensive scenarios, reading ball screens, handling pressure, moving without ball, game shooting & much more. 


Other topics include: handling pressure, first step breakdown, taking contact, post/wing entry passing, how to initiate an offense, performance training relative to basketball movement mechanics, effective leadership qualities, handling traps, how to utilize a 2nd pivot in the paint to create better finishing & passing angles, players will learn to change dribble pace, develop rhythm w/ basketball, how to create passing angles, how to finish vs. length in the paint, how to guard faster/quicker/more athletic players, how to shift body weight to sell angles, how to increase ball control & read time putting players in positions to make reads, how to create space for their shot, reading ball screens, shooting off pin downs, moving w/o the basketball, different leadership qualities that ensure they OWN THE GYM & most importantly how to work harder & smarter! All drills have a game application piece & Mark will explain how it transfer to game success.

What to expect as a coach?

Shehady Basketball has been highly regarded as one of the nations most detailed & best structured basketball training programs by coaches of ALL LEVELS, ranging from some of the top AAU program directors in the country to D1 & professional coaches with former experience in the Big 12, ACC, SEC, Pac 12, Big East, WNBA, & professional overseas basketball. At Shehady Basketball, we are big on not just working harder but smarter, completing disciplined mental work with a PURPOSE & high level of attention to detail every time you step in the gym. Mark will break down footwork & movement into minute detail & pieces that make it simple for coaches to understand and relay back to their players when they leave the clinic & work with their programs. We will show you how to implement skill development in your practice plan ensuring players are consistently strengthening foundation & enhancing their skill set to be as productive as possible in your system. Topices that'll be covered @ the clinic include:

How to get your players to implement the skills they work on in a game

How to get your players mind right & ready to work as they enter the gym

How to create a culture amongst your program

How to work skill development into our offense? Reading ball screens, timing, rhythm, spacing offensively out of any set, etc.

How to instantly create energy at the start of your practice

How to break down players footwork & movement to teach them to play as efficiently as possible

How to teach players to slow the game down & make reads? Teaching them to take what the defense is giving them

How to incorporate passing into your warm-up & translate it to your system offensively

Teaching your players how to handle high level pressure & play strong with the basketball! We will show how we like players working on playing through contact & how to stay poised vs. pressure

How to get your players more vocal!


Mark will go in depth on how to get the most out of your players & create a high energy, positive work environment every time they step in the gym building leaders in your program that step in the gym & make everyone better. Mark will lay out how to maximize practice time in the gym & ensure players are always being as efficient as possible with their work time. No more WASTING TIME in the gym. At Shehady Basketball, we are big on teaching players self accountability and teaching them how to work on their own. At this clinic, coaches will learn how to teach players skill development the right way & how they can practice it on their own, giving them more time for x's and o's during practice.


Players Will Experience Details That Lead to Game Success Like Never Before!

We present all of our content in 3 models

Players Will Hear It - Each skills concept will be broken down into minute detail & footwork will be taught in progressions, ensuring players create good habits, understand how to rep it out on their own, & how it applies to the game! Everything Mark teaches is game applicable & he will break it down to where it's easy for players/coaches to understand.

Players Will See It- Mark will demonstrate every drill & show every drills "game piece" on how it applies to game. This is crucial for learners who are more visual, players must be able to see how to properly complete each drill. This will help players implement concepts faster in games & will help them understand the necessary details more extensively.

Players Will DO IT- Once Mark demonstrates & explains each drill/concept into detail, the players will rep it out during camp. Once players go through the drill/concept, Mark gets around to every single camper & ensures they are doing the skill set properly & helps players truly understand how each concept is used in the game!


Check In: Check in will start an hour prior to day 1 of camp at 8:00 AM. We ask that you please show up no later than 8:45 AM to ensure your child isn't late and sees all the content presented at camp.

Players will receive a Shehady Basketball t-shirt as well as an agenda upon walking into camp (this is included in $125 cost). We ask that you please register here online or please call 412-979-9101 to discuss alternative registration options.


Additional Details:

-This is a GIRLS ONLY event for players entering 6th-12th grade. This is the ideal starting point for any players new to Shehady Basketball. We have had many college players & do permit college players to attend our camp as well! All coaches of all levels on both boys & girls side are welcome!

-Players will need to bring their own basketballs. We will have a limited amount of basketballs provided but to ensure things go smoothly, we ask all players bring their own basketballs

Please view & fill out our liability waiver, print and bring to camp or email to prior to camp start day. We will have extra copies available upon registration at camp site. This will be emailed to all participants a week prior to camp as well.



Please call Mark @ 412-979-9101 with any further questions!


Players Cost: $125

Coaches Cost: $30


Dates: 9/4-9/5 (Saturday/Sunday)

Time: Day 1: 9:00 am-1:00 pm
Day 2: 2:00-6:00 pm


Where: Dallas Christian College

2700 Christian Parkway

Dallas, Texas 75234